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About The Author

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Mindi Miller is, in no particular order, a mother, a sister, a mentor to at-risk teens, a TV producer, a wife, and an ex-wife. She is grateful to have a family that loves her and mostly ignores one in-law who doesn't. Over the years, Mindi has overcome a painful divorce, bullying, and most recently survived a deadly car accident. (More on that later!) While recovering from her traumatic injuries, Mindi found personal healing by focusing on creating ways to help others.

That's when THE 52-WEEK JOURNAL series began. Part activity guide, part workbook, and part journal, this unique book series is like a best friend who checks in on you regularly, makes helpful suggestions to keep you on track, and then asks you follow-up questions about your journey.

Mindi designed this unique journal series for people who have difficulties sticking with a journal or finding solutions to help themselves. Her dream is to create a way for everyone to find happiness and healing by using the power of their own words.

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I built a career on figuring out what people need, and helping others achieve success. As the daughter of a therapist, I grew up believing in the intrinsic potential of every individual and their capacity to improve. Wherever I work I am always considered the resident "mom" for being easy to talk to and helping provide fresh perspectives on age-old issues. Nothing makes me happier, or more energized, than when I am able to help another person move forward and find happiness. Well that, and perhaps watching someone win a car on The Price Is Right.

One issue I personally struggled to overcome was difficulty maintaining focus while journaling. I knew journaling could provide a positive personal experience, but I had a hard time following through when staring at a blank page. After purchasing countless journals - from fancy leather-bound ones to modern checklist ones - I eventually realized that none of them lasted more than a week before being tossed in my bedside drawer to be forgotten about forever.

Searching for a perfect alternative turned up journals full of inspirational quotes or to-do checklists, but they still left too much blank space to figure out how to fill in. The truth is, journaling shouldn't eat up your whole day and you shouldn't have to wait for something amazing to happen in order to have something to write about. You shouldn't ever feel bad about only writing a couple sentences and then moving on with your day.

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and this mother needed a better journal! That is how The 52-Week Journal series was born.

First, it's designed for a once a week commitment. We have busy lives full of real world requirements, so trying to come up with something fresh and interesting to write about every day of the week is simply unrealistic.

Second, every week gives you a new and meaningful, yet easy to complete, activity. The truth is, without having something fresh or interesting to write about, we're likely to toss the journal aside. The weekly activities can be done in any order, so you can pick and choose what you want to do next. There are also inspirational quotes and interesting facts every week to keep you thinking.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, thanks to this journal series there's no more daunting blank page to fill in! Every week has two or three easy to answer questions based on the activity you just did. So not only are you given a great idea of something to do, but you have guided questions to help describe your experience about doing it.

I created The 52-Week Journal series not just for myself, but for everyone else that has faced the same issues: I needed suggestions. I needed guidance. I needed focus to sustain commitment and have a successful journaling experience.

The 52-Week Journal series is a fresh perspective on age-old journaling. I'm truly proud of you for choosing a new perspective and I hope this journal series helps you achieve a successful journaling experience

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